Dometic FreshWell 3000 Under-bench air conditioner

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About the under-bench (under-counter) air conditioner
Free space in the luggage compartment is the perfect place for an air conditioner: without burdening the roof, changing the center of gravity or the height of the vehicle - it can still be parked freely under the carport of the house.
Conveniently located under the bench in motorhomes or caravans, it is a space-saving solution for vehicles up to 8m in length.
The Dometic FreshWell 3000 air conditioner is the smallest under-counter air conditioner available in the up to 2700 W category. It is extremely quiet and the diffusion system creates a pleasant air stream. The right accessories allow it to be evenly distributed through 3 outlets that can be freely positioned in the vehicle - either concentrated in one point or in different rooms, so that the air can blow around the entire area.

The matching DC kit allows the air conditioner to be used while driving.

- Adaptive air distribution system focuses on a selected area or different rooms;
- Convenient activation of all functions via the remote control with digital display (blower on / off, temperature selection, blower speed and operating mode);
- Soft start for a reliable start in campsites with low electrical protection;
- Low air circulation;
- Light and compact design.

Cooling capacity: 2700 W / 9200 BTU / h
Heating power: up to 3000 W
Input voltage (AC): 230V
Input frequency: 50 Hz
Electronic thermostat CBECE R10CE

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