4SUN 130W Prestige Monocrystalline solar panel

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130W solar panel Prestige series is based on reliable monocrystalline cells with high durability. This module is adapted to work outside, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It is an excellent power source, working as a charger for 28-33 Ah batteries.

The panel is made of German monocrystalline cells. These cells are very efficient which results in smaller dimensions of our solar panels. MC4 serial connector included.

The offer includes monocrystalline panels with a power of 80W, 100W and 130W (within one module).

Specifications of   80W / 100W / 130W Prestige models:
Peak power [W]   80/100/130
Power tolerance [%]   +3
Efficiency [%]   18.4
Max power voltage: Vmp [V]   18
Max current: Imp [A]   4.44 / 5.56 / 7.22
Open circuit voltage Voc [V]   21.6
Short circuit current: Isc [A]   4.88 / 6.12 / 7.94
Length [mm]   770/910/1190
Width [mm]   670/670/669
Depth [mm]   30/35/35

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