MAXX Car battery LiFePO4 12v

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The LiFePO4 battery, available in two capacity variants: 100Ah and 150 Ah, is a fully maintenance-free battery adapted to cyclic discharging and charging, which makes it ideal for solar systems. Lithium Iron Phosphate can be used in most applications using alternatively lead acid, gel or AGM batteries.

Product description:
over 2000 cycles at 80% DoD;
longer service life;
built-in overvoltage protections Battery Management Systems (BMS) - battery management systems to prevent abuse;
fast charging;
extreme thermal resistance - possible use in a wide range of ambient temperatures up to 60ºC.

Technical parameters for the LiFePO4 100Ah or LiFePO4 150Ah model:
Nominal voltage of 12V
100Ah or 150Ah capacity
Width 330/483 mm
Depth 172/170 mm
Height 223/240 mm
Weight 12/15 kg
Full tightness

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